Friday, November 17, 2017 

Is Haredi exclusion of women becoming a serious problem again?

That's what this Haaretz article is telling:
Ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Modi’in Ilit ruled this week that the first four rows of seats on public buses should be reserved for men. Women may not sit there, “even with their husbands.” They must go to the back of the bus.

This was just the latest of many examples that seem to point to a resurgence of discrimination against women in Israel. Some government agencies are wavering in their commitment to fighting such discrimination, and Supreme Court rulings meant to end discrimination are not being implemented. Observers warn of the dangers of ignoring the steady drip of erosion of equal rights.

A partial list of incidents and examples from the past two or three years: the erection of a wall to separate men and women in the funeral hall of the public cemetery in Atlit; the absence of female voices in public service announcements commissioned by the government advertising agency and aired on ultra-Orthodox radio stations; sex segregation in defensive driving courses and in training courses for ultra-Orthodox civil servants; sex segregation at public libraries in Haredi neighborhoods; the introduction of sex-segregated programs at colleges and universities; the disappearance of women from billboards and other public advertising in Jerusalem; the fencing-off of a path in Zichron Yaakov, in order to keep women at a distance from an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva; signs in Beit Shemesh demanding that women dress modestly, which are proliferating despite a court order prohibiting them.

Four or five years ago, one person familiar with the issue recalled, the Attorney General’s Office published a harsh report on the problem, the cabinet adopted it and there seemed to be progress “even in parts of the Haredi community. But over the last two or three years, demands for women’s exclusion are on the rise again, even in communities that aren’t ultra-Orthodox. And this is happening with virtually no counter-reaction.”

Eleanor Davidov, the director of the Israel Women’s Network’s women’s exclusion project, agreed that there is a “dangerous, creeping trend toward reducing the public space for women.” Sex segregation isn’t even accepted by all parts of the Haredi community, she said, yet it is “becoming accepted in government offices, city halls, the army and even the private sector,” and their efforts to be considerate of the ultra-Orthodox minority have come “at women’s expense.”

The problem is exacerbated by many government agencies’ lax enforcement of rules against excluding women, such as the Interior Ministry’s refusal to order municipalities to bar sex segregation at public events.

A good example of the problem could be seen at the funeral of graphologist Anna Koren in Atlit in July 2016. “At the entrance to the funeral hall stood a woman in a head covering separating women from men,” recalled one of Koren’s friends, Miki Dror. Women were told to go in one door, men another. A wall with a window separated the men’s and women’s sections. “I was in shock,” Dror said.

Koren’s body was put in the men’s section, which her daughters weren’t allowed to enter. The rabbi conducted the funeral with his back to the women’s section. Yoram Nitzan, another friend, termed it “humiliating and degrading.”

Sex-segregated funeral halls violate both the attorney general’s report and Religious Services Ministry regulations. So Dror and Nitzan filed suit, represented by the Israel Religious Action Center, and won an out-of-court settlement. In April 2017, the Atlit religious council demolished the wall. It also agreed to pay the plaintiffs 5,000 shekels ($1,400) in compensation and post signs saying sex segregation during funerals is prohibited unless explicitly requested by the family.

But legal action doesn’t always work so quickly. In August, Orly Erez-Likhovski, a lawyer, complained to the government advertising agency about the lack of female voices in PSAs broadcast on Haredi radio stations. She did not receive a response, which was issued only after Haaretz contacted the agency.

The agency said it cannot force a radio station to air a PSA if the station refuses. But Erez-Likhovski says that because the Supreme Court has ruled that Haredi stations cannot exclude women, the agency is breaking the law.

In September, the Israel Women’s Network complained to the Transportation Ministry about sex-segregated defensive driving courses. It has yet to respond.

In Zichron Yaakov, a paved shortcut between Hahita and Hazayit shortened the route to the local cemetery, until it was blocked, a few years ago: first with a low fence, then a higher one, then a fence reinforced with metal panels.

City councilman Efraim Tzuk said the culprits were ultra-Orthodox residents who sought to keep women from passing a yeshiva located a few dozen meters from the fence. Tzuk says the fence violates both the city’s master plan and municipal bylaws. But his proposal that the city council discuss the issue was rejected.

“You want to run the whole city by secular principles?” one Haredi man retorted this week. “It won’t work. We live here, and this barrier won’t bother anyone.”

The city council responded that anyone can enter Hazayit Street or any other street.

In Beit Shemesh, the modesty signs outrage many women who are Orthodox themselves, though not ultra-Orthodox. Despite the court order barring them, another such sign appeared on a main street just a few weeks ago: “Men are requested to go up the stairs on the right, women on the left.” And on the other side of the street, one of the signs the court explicitly ordered removed — “Women are requested to come in modest dress” — is still there.

“There’s an almost automatic expectation that we should waive basic rights in the name of accommodating the ultra-Orthodox,” said one Orthodox activist, Nili Philipp. “But that accommodation is always one-way, and the other side exploits it. The symbolic meaning of the modesty signs is excluding women from the public square and controlling them.”

Another, Eve Finkelstein, said the signs’ appearance roughly coincided with the onset of physical violence — throwing stones and dirty diapers or spitting at women whose dress was deemed immodest. She herself was assaulted and complained to the police, but the case was closed for “lack of public interest.” And her experience was not unique.

But a third, Alisa Coleman, tried to find a silver lining. “We no longer have to explain our struggle all over again each time,” she said. “At least the conversation has changed.”
Whether or not this is still the case, of course it's disturbing, and any officials who refuse to take proper action should be ashamed of themselves.

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German court supports Kuwaiti airline banning Jewish passengers

More dhimmitude by ways of Germany that affects the Jewish community:
A German court ruled on Thursday that Kuwait Airways had the right to refuse to carry an Israeli passenger due to his nationality, a verdict that Jewish groups said condones anti-Semitism.

An Israeli citizen identified in court papers as Adar M., a student living in Germany, had sued Kuwait Airways after it canceled his booking for a flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok that included a stopover in Kuwait City.

The cancellation came a few days before M.'s scheduled departure in August 2016, when he revealed he had an Israeli passport. The airline offered to book him on a nonstop flight to Bangkok with another carrier.

The man refused the offer and filed the lawsuit, seeking compensation for alleged discrimination. He also insisted the airline should have to accept him as a passenger.

In its decision, the Frankfurt state court noted that under Kuwaiti law, Kuwait Airways is not allowed to have contracts with Israelis because of the Middle Eastern country's boycott of Israel. The court said it did not evaluate whether "this law makes sense," but the airline risked repercussions that were "not reasonable" for violating it, such as fines or prison time for employees.

According to the court, Germany's anti-discrimination law applies only in cases of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic background or religion, not citizenship.
In other words, they're denying the case has anything to do with racial background. And whether the airline would face consequence in Kuwait is no justification for the offensive laws they're using there.
The Israeli plaintiff's attorney, Nathan Gelbart, said, "This is a shameful verdict for democracy and for Germany in general. This verdict cannot stand." Gelbart said his client was planning to appeal the ruling.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany said the Kuwaiti law was reminiscent of Nazi policies. Similar cases in Switzerland and the United States were decided in the favor of the plaintiffs, the council said.
Unfortunately, there's no telling if the appeal will avail any better, seeing how far gone Germany's become. But we'll see if there's any avail from what the appeal can do.

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A majority of Hillary voters now think the sexual assault allegations against Bill are credible

According to this info provided on Hot Air, at least 53 percent of Clinton voters now feel the sexual assault allegations against the man who was president during 1992-2000 are credible. Finally, it looks like the Democrats are starting to wake up and recognize reality, most likely because of the wakeup call the Harvey Weinstein scandal's led to.

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Car ramming attack near Efrat and Alon Shvut

I don't think anybody was killed or injured in this incident, but it just demonstrates how Islamofascism is still as terrible a problem as ever:
A terrorist was neutralized on Friday morning, (6:37 AM) near Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion.

The terrorist first ran over a pedestrian near the Efrat (south) junction. The 70-year-old victim was lightly injured on his head and was taken to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

The terrorist then continued to the Gush Etzion junction where he ran over a 35-year-old man. He is in serious condition and was taken to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital. He is undergoing surgery for his head injury..

Heading towards the new entrance to Alon Shvut, the terrorist then got out of his car and tried to stab a soldier, near the checkpoint next to the winery.

The 17-year-old terrorist was shot and critically wounded as he ran at the soldiers. The hospital reports that he is in critical condition.
The terrorist is the one who should die for his evil deeds.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017 

They sought again to provide the Reform with ammo

If the Reform sect really is such a problem, then obviously, the Haredi opponents at the Western Wall actually condone that problem by causing a ruckus instead of allowing the Lord to judge:
Reform Jews clashed with ultra-Orthodox worshipers and security personnel at the Western Wall in Jerusalem Thursday, after attempting to pray at the site in celebration of newly ordained male and female rabbis.

While members of the group, who fought security guards as they entered the Western Wall plaza with Torah scrolls, claimed they were exercising their right to freedom of prayer, Western Wall administrators accused them of a publicity stunt.
Which the administrators were clearly only too happy to help carry through. If they didn't want anybody to notice, they would've done everything they could to ensure there'd be silence.
According to the ultra-Orthodox Kikar Hashabat website, the group of Reform Jews, accompanied by Women of the Wall — a lobby for women’s prayer rights — forced their way past security guards and entered the open Western Wall plaza where they began to dance, drawing protest from other worshipers.

There were no injuries in the incident, and it ended quickly.

The clashes occurred after an ordination ceremony at the Reform Hebrew Union College.

“The Western Wall belongs to all Israelis… Today we’re celebrating the ordination of the new Israeli Reform rabbis and we wanted to start this special day with pray and by declaring that ‘am Israel chai’ [the People of Israel live] – any type of Israeli,” said Hebrew Union College Dean Rabbi Naamah Kelman, whose daughter Rabbi Leora Ezrachi-Vered was among the graduates.

Israeli Reform leader Gilad Kariv, speaking to Hadashot news (formerly Channel 2), accused the administration at the holy site of thuggery, saying the violence “will not stop us from fulfilling our right to pray at the Western Wall.”
I'm hugely disappointed in the Haredi overlords who believe the site is literally their property for allowing this to go on otherwise unopposed. All they're doing is giving leftists ammunition to use against the right. Yes, seriously, that's what they're doing, and no doubt it's all deliberate on their part.

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Gender segregation does not prevent sexual abuse

In fact, if you look under a microscope, you'll notice it practically leaves out the potential of homosexual abuse, which is just what the Haredi lifestyle's leading to now. Haaretz published the following item:
In his piece responding to Rafi Walden’s op-ed in which Walden opposes gender segregation, Israel Cohen suggests that secular Israelis have a lot to learn about respect for women from the ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, community.

“At a time when more and more incidents of sexual harassment in various forms are coming to light, along with damning testimonies about men exploiting their positions of authority against women, the Haredi approach that insists on gender separation appears to make all the more sense,” Cohen writes. “The most efficient way to avoid a repeat of such grave occurrences is simply to prevent unnecessary mingling of the sexes.”

What a perfect solution! We’ll entirely divide society – women here, men there. We’ll dress everyone modestly and solve all our problems. After all, everyone knows that in ultra-Orthodox society, as in other religious communities, separation and modesty totally prevent sexual harassment and abuse.

Cohen adds: “The Haredi approach has proved itself. There are fewer cases of harassment and thus fewer complaints arising from the mingling of the sexes, which is avoided from the start.”

Is he relying on reported data? Has he spoken to young children, adolescents or men and women who’ve suffered sexual abuse or harassment inside or outside the Haredi community? Has he read the shocking testimony posted on the Lo Tishtok Facebook page, which provides a forum on sexual abuse in the Haredi community?

Does he know what has happened in the past, and presumably is still happening, to children at ritual baths? Has he seen the data showing that women (and men) from every society actually suffer harm inside the family and the community, including from people who are supposed to be protecting them?

I too was educated based on that sweet illusion that modest women prevent harm to themselves in the face of men’s evil impulses, but it’s a quick, painful journey to come to one’s senses. The numbers show that there’s no relationship between how women and men dress and any harm done to them.

Such abuse occurs at every level of society, among Jewish men and women as well among their Muslim and Christian counterparts. Long dresses, head coverings and also modest attire among men don’t prevent it. And in religious communities, the harm is twofold because these are generally traditional and partriarchal societies where the perpetrator is more likely to be believed than the victim.

In addition, in every society some cases go unreported, and the recent high-profile cases are just the tip of the iceberg. But the underreporting is particularly widespread in closed and religious communities.

Children, both young and older, may not understand what has happened to them because the conversation about sexuality is limited; sometimes it doesn’t exist at all. The victims don’t know what to call it and the perpetrators exploit that. Also, in closed societies, women and men are afraid that society will punish them rather than the perpetrators.

I agree with Cohen when he writes: “People at the top with lots of status, wealth, influence and power often fail to withstand temptation,” but it’s not just media personalities, the wealthy and people in academia, and it’s not just “those” Americans or “those” secular people. It also includes rabbis, leaders and other people in positions of power in every society who exploit those seeking their help and advice.

The Jewish sages said “ein apotropos la’erayot” – no one is immune from the power of his sexual urges. That’s true in every society. I won’t comment on the disagreement between Cohen and Walden on gender segregation at school and at the workplace. There are two sides to the issue, but I strongly and heavyheartedly object to the claim that separation prevents sexual abuse.

The only thing that can prevent the next case of abuse is a major investment in education for both boys and girls. Cohen’s column is liable to cause more women and men to suffer in silence. Even women who have grown up and work in a segregated society and dress modestly aren’t immune from such harm, which many of them have suffered.

These women may think that maybe they’re the only ones, that maybe they’re the guilty party. They should know that separation and modesty don’t prevent the abuse. They only cover it up.
And again, let's not forget that what these insular Haredi sects go by with gender segregation practically runs the gauntlet of turning its subjects homosexual, so it shouldn't be any surprise how much abuse of that sort turns up there. The poorly informed approach of the apologists only makes everything worse.

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New Israeli monetary notes will feature two famous women

The Israeli treasury's issuing at least two updated banknotes with famous lady figures on them:
The new NIS 20 banknote is red and features the portrait of Rachel Bluwstein (1890-1931), famous in Israel as Rachel the Poetess. Although most of her poems were written only in the final six years of her life, she is considered by many to be the greatest of all Hebrew poets. The back of the note features a typical view of the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, which is where she lived at the end of her life and where she is buried.

The new NIS 100 banknote is orange and features the portrait of Leah Goldberg (1911-1970), one of Israel’s leading literary figures – a poet, author, playwright, teacher, literary translator and researcher. A picture of deer appears on the back of the note, which refers to a famous children’s book that she wrote.
An excellent idea, and about time it was thought of too. People who worked in arts are just as important as politicians, maybe even more so.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 

Woman whose family was murdered by a jihadist decries PLO's payments to culprits' families

The widow of a man who was murdered by a terrorist visited the White House and expressed her anger that the PLO would pay money to the families of the jihadists, undoubtably with the help of money taken from taxpayers:
An Israeli widow met with White House officials to express her dismay that the family of her husband’s murderer – who also killed two other relatives at their Shabbat table in July – would begin receiving a monthly stipend from the Palestinian Authority as a reward for carrying out the terror attack.

Michal Salomon’s husband, father-in-law and sister-in-law were stabbed to death on a Friday night by a Palestinian terrorist, Omar al-Abed, as they were about to celebrate the birth of a new child in the West Bank settlement of Halamish. Salomon and her five children escaped and the terrorist was shot dead by an off-duty soldier.

Salomon met with Trump’s Mideast negotiator Jason Greenblatt and “expressed dismay that the [family of the] terrorist would be receiving compensation from the Palestinian Authority for his action,” a senior White House official told the Times of Israel on Tuesday.

Also at the meeting were National Security Council staffer Victoria Coates, Salomon’s father Shlomo Dan Lando, her cousin Brian Zvi Lando, and her children — Avinoam, Reut, Amitay, Ariel and Avishay, the report said.

Her disappointment comes ahead of a critical vote on the the Taylor Force Act—named after a U.S. Army veteran killed in a terror attack in Tel Aviv—that would force the Palestinian Authority to end its “pay-for-slay” program providing financial rewards to convicted terrorists or else forfeit aid.
Well some good news has just come out: the Taylor Force Act has been approved by a committee in Congress:
Earlier today, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), passed the Taylor Force Act, which would halt American aid to the Palestinian Authority until the PA stops paying stipends to terrorists and their families. The committee also passed two additional acts targeting Hamas. [...]

“Since 2003,” Royce said in a statement, “it has been Palestinian law to reward Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails with a monthly paycheck. Palestinian leadership also pays the families of Palestinian prisoners and suicide bombers. These policies incentivize terrorism. With this legislation, we are forcing the PA to choose between U.S. assistance and these morally reprehensible policies, and I am pleased to see this measure move forward in both chambers with so much support.”
The Times of Israel has more. I should hope the rest of Congress makes sure to fully approve the act so that the PLO's monetary intake can be stopped.

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Monday, November 13, 2017 

Muslims taking up space in public Paris district for the sake of inconveniencing everyone

A group of Islamists have been praying in public space in Paris, and this case has led to backlash:
Around 100 local French lawmakers attempted to block Muslims praying in a street north of Paris and called on the government to ban what they see as an unacceptable use of public space.

The lawmakers, led by the head of the regional government of the Paris area, Mrs Valerie Pecresse, disrupted the crowd of around 200 all-male devotees last Friday, and sang the national anthem in the multi-ethnic Clichy suburb.

"Public space cannot be taken over in this way," Mrs Pecresse said at the demonstration alongside the right-wing mayor of Clichy, Mr Remi Muzeau, who like other lawmakers wore a sash in the national colours of blue, white and red.

Prayers in the street have taken place every Friday in Clichy since March to protest against the closure of a popular local mosque that had operated in a government building.

The Interior Ministry "must ban street prayers", Mr Muzeau told reporters at the scene last Friday. "I am responsible for guaranteeing the tranquillity and freedom of everyone in my town."

The former mosque, run by the Union of Clichy Muslim Associations, was used by 3,000 to 5,000 Muslims daily before the mayor's office reclaimed the building and turned it into a library.

Mr Muzeau said that local Muslims have been urged to use a new 1,500 sq m mosque nearby, but many are refusing to go there.
Of course, because in pure socialist fashion, they believe everything belongs to them. And they need to stop the building of mosques. The lawmakers did the right thing to protest with Tri-Couleur sashes, and I hope they'll pave the way for more pushback against Islamization.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017 

Haredi-dominated rabbinical court pressed woman not to charge husband for rape in exchange for divorce settlement

This is obscenely degrading. A rabbinical court basically sided, in a manner of speaking, with a husband who committed marital rape:
An woman whose divorce agreement was conditioned on her not pressing rape charges against her husband says she was pressured into signing it.

The agreement was endorsed by Rabbi Yosef Goldberg, head of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, and grants the woman a get (a Jewish legal divorce decree) if she will not to file a complaint with the police against her former husband for rape and other violent acts he allegedly committed against her while they were married.

The religious court judge “made me feel like I needed to thank him for even being willing to grant me a divorce, and that to everything he says, I need to answer, ‘Amen,’” said the woman. “The important thing is that [the husband] signs [the divorce]. ... During the writing of the agreement, when my lawyer tried to say something, the judge always rushed us and said: ‘Come on, let’s make progress, come and finish it.’ As if there shouldn’t be anything to interfere with signing the agreement.”

“The judge wrote the agreement together with us,” she added.

The woman said the religious court judges pressured her to accept the agreement. “I feel they exploited my distress,” she told Haaretz. “I wanted the get more than anything, just to feel that I was no longer connected to that sick man I only wanted for that sick thing not to be part of my life anymore.”

When they went over the final agreement with the judge, he “really pushed us not to change any section so as not to ruin the agreement,” she said.

As part of the divorce agreement and under pressure from the judges, the woman agreed to put an end to the divorce proceedings through the Family Court. “We’re inferior to [civil] judges?” the woman said the judges asked her. “You are a Haredi woman who follows halakha [Jewish religious law]. Why are you supporting a [civil] court?”

The woman said she and her lawyer at the time, Tsuriel Boublil, complained to the court about the conditions her husband demanded. “We said it was not relevant, unacceptable, illegal and inappropriate,” she said, but the religious court judges told her lawyer to “leave it.” She says the judge silenced them. “I don’t remember what happened there word for word, but we definitely tried to protest about it to the judge, without success.”

“I was in distress and willing to accept any condition I felt there was a coalition against me in the [rabbinical] court,” she added.

The agreement was drafted by the couple’s attorneys together with Goldberg, who took an active part in its writing and editing. Once it was completed, Goldberg signed the agreement and it received the status of a ruling, decreeing that the woman must follow the conditions described in it to receive a get.

The woman's new lawyer, Batia Kahana-Dror, called for an end to the exploitative agreements the rabbinical courts endorse in return for the husband granting a get. “This case is an extreme example in which the court is willing to violate the law” just so the husband will agree to sign the divorce. Any condition required for the granting of the get – whether it is the woman’s agreement not to sue in civil court, a demand for less alimony or moving the case from civil Family Court to the rabbinical court – is illegal extortion unrelated to the divorce, she said.
It's so abominable, the court shouldn't even be recognized, and the woman should leave the lifestyle so as not to be as exploited as she'd been before. And the former husband should be jailed for all violations he committed against her.

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The dhimmitude of Prince Charles from 1986

A revolting letter penned by Britain's crown prince has surfaced:
A 31-year-old letter penned by a young Prince Charles has stirred controversy for suggesting that ''foreign Jews'' were to blame, in part, for the troubles of the Middle East.

The letter, which was released by The Daily Mail on Saturday, also includes suggestions that the US should deal with the ''Jewish lobby,'' a term considered by some to be antisemitic in its conflation with age-old tropes about the wealth and power of Jews. Charles penned it immediately after returning from an official visit to Saudi Arabia with then-wife Princess Diana.

''I now begin to understand better their [Arabs'] point of view about Israel. Never realized they see it as a US colony. I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems. I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated?'' Charles wrote.

Over the course of the 20th century, millions of Jews immigrated to Israel from across the Middle East and Europe, many fleeing as refugees from oppressive regimes and institutionalized antisemitism. In the years leading up to the Holocaust, Britain blocked Jewish immigration to Palestine [Israel], turning thousands away, many to certain death in concentration camps.

While the Prince is largely an apolitical figure, he has been critical of American policy in the Middle East.
He's basically part of a whole crowd of European politicians who not only harbors hostility to Israel, but also to America. His letter's already drawn some outrage, but so far, it doesn't look like he's ready to apologize, and has no regrets about Britain's past conduct on Israel either.

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Palestinian illegal immigrant commits murder in Hamburg

Investigators found that the Islamofascist's main goal was to murder Christians:
German federal prosecutors now believe that Hamburg supermarket attacker Ahmad A. was motivated by religious hatred to kill German Christians, but have refused to charge him with terrorism.

The 26-year-old failed Palestinian asylum seeker will be charged with the murder of a 50-year-old man and six more counts of attempted murder. Prosecutors say that he was upset about the treatment of Muslims, claimed they were being oppressed around the world, and decided to take action against any Christians he could, find Die Welt reports.

The Hamburg supermarket attack occurred in late July and initially many believed it to be an act of terror after witnesses reported hearing a man shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

Prosecutors say that the Palestinian was particularly aggrieved by the growing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

“He found the access restrictions to the Al-Aqsa mosque unfair and unbearable,” the prosecutor’s office said, adding: “Therefore, German citizens of the Christian faith should die as an atonement.”
He obviously resorted to the offensive excuse of blaming Israel for everything, and claiming foreigners should pay the price. Yet it's sad the authorities seem to be avoiding an indictment for terrorism, even though it's clearly what he was doing.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017 

3 injured in vehicluar attack in Toulouse

There's been another car ramming in France, another case where the culprit's identity wasn't revealed, and at least 3 injured:
Two women and one man were injured when a car was deliberately driven into a crowd outside of a high school near Toulouse, France.

Police arrested the driver, a 28-year-old male, after he drove his car into the crowd outside of Lycée Saint Exupéry Friday afternoon on Granada Road, Blagnac (Haute-Garonne), shortly before 4 pm local time, reports France Bleu.

A 23-year-old woman was seriously injured but did not suffer life-threatening injuries, and two others, a 23-year-old male and a 22-year-old woman, received minor injuries. All three were transported to Purpan Hospital in Toulouse. Media reports that the victims were all Chinese nationals and students.
Yet it's clear the media's in the tank for political correctness, deliberately refusing to give the culprit's exact identity.

And now, the interior ministry's reported that at least 300,000 illegal immigrants are in France:
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has claimed there are around 300,000 illegal migrants living in France.

The Interior Minister presented the figures after being urged to do so by politicians from the conservatives and the populist National Front during a debate on the French immigration budget for 2018. While Collomb claims there are 300,000 illegal migrants, the number of beneficiaries of State Medical Aid suggests a number between 300,000 and 400,000, L’Express reports.
But how do we know they're making a convincing effort to get rid of the majority? It's not clear they are, and if they're going to go after Marine Le Pen for speaking out against Islamofascism, they're making themselves look ridiculous.

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Bill deBlasio is ignoring Haredi yeshivas who don't teach secular subjects to students

The director of Yaffed wrote an op-ed in the New York Daily News about mayor Bill deBlasio's failure to deal with ultra-Orthodox yeshivas that won't give education on secular subjects to the pupils in their "care":
In the wake of his reelection, it is finally time for Mayor de Blasio to stop dragging his feet on the deplorable state of secular education in the city’s yeshivas — and to stop stonewalling when questioned about it.

In July 2015, in response to a complaint by my organization, Yaffed, the city announced it was launching an investigation into what has been an outrageously open secret for decades: that many of New York City’s Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox yeshivas provide no more than 90 minutes of secular studies for boys in elementary school and no secular education at all in high school.

That’s a flagrant violation of state law, which requires all schools, public or private, to educate all kids on the basics.

Yet here we are, more than two years later, and City Hall has nothing meaningful to show.

Because of the way the de Blasio administration has kept its probe shrouded in secrecy, we don’t know much about its workings. But what we do know is troubling.

The city’s investigation was initially conceived as just a questionnaire to be sent to the 39 schools named in Yaffed’s complaint — hardly a serious vehicle to get at the truth from institutions that have been flouting the law for years.

Then, under pressure from Yaffed, the city agreed to also conduct site visits — but with plenty of advance notice. Graduates of these schools have made clear that their leaders, knowing that inspectors were coming, have become quite adept over the years at putting up a show of compliance.

As of September, officials admitted to having visited only six schools. Even worse, the investigators apparently accepted the Orthodox leaders’ suggestions as to which schools to visit.

Why has this all taken so long, with no end in sight? De Blasio has been pressed on that question in various venues over the past several months. Not one of his answers has been satisfactory.
And we can only figure he's in their pockets, not willing to give up one of his best sources for voting him into office. I think the case should be taken to court, and they should file for a Freedom of Information act. DeBlasio can't be allowed to keep dodging serious issues about how phony Orthodox Judaists are breaking the laws.

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Muslim birthrate in Israel is still declining

According to Israeli ambassador Yoram Ettinger, the Muslim birthrate is still falling circa Israel:
In 2017, Israel is the only advanced economy and Western democracy endowed with a relatively high fertility rate, which facilitates further economic growth with no reliance on migrant labor.

Moreover, Israel's thriving demography provides for bolstered national security (larger classes of recruits) and a more confident foreign policy.

In contrast to conventional demographic wisdom, Israel is not facing a potential Arab demographic time bomb. In fact, the Jewish State benefits from a robust Jewish demographic tailwind.

At the outset of 2017, for the first time - and in defiance of projections made by Israel's demographic establishment since the early 1940s - Israel's Jewish fertility rate (3.16 births per woman) exceeds Israel's Arab rate of fertility (3.11). Actually, in 2017, Israel's fertility rate is higher than most Arab countries (e.g., Saudi Arabia – 2.1 births per woman, Kuwait – 2.4, Syria – 2.5, Morocco – 2.1, etc.).

The Westernization of the Arab fertility rate has also been in effect in Judea and Samaria: from 5 births per Arab woman in 2000 to about 3 in 2016; from a median age of 17 in 2000 to 21 in 2017.

The substantial, systematic Westernization of Arab fertility – from 9.5 births per woman in 1960 to 3.11 in 2016 – has been a derivative of the accelerated integration of Israeli Arabs into modernity, in general, and the enhanced status of Israel's Arab women, in particular.

[...] A September 7, 2006 World Bank study documented a 32% inflated number of births claimed by the Palestinian Authority.

Simultaneously, an annual Arab net-emigration has been documented, persistently, from Judea and Samaria (about 20,000, annually, in recent years), while the annual net-number of Israeli emigrants (staying abroad for over a year) – total departures minus total returnees – has decreased substantially: from 14,200 in 1990 to 8,200 in 2015. At the same time, the population of Israel almost doubled from 4.5MN in 1990 to 8.4MN in 2015.
You have to wonder then what it's like in some parts of Europe. Even there, the Muslim birthrate is hopefully falling, but time will still tell.

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Friday, November 10, 2017 

Religious reps shouldn't complain about women in the army

It may be one thing to argue against putting women in combat units proper (and so far, I don't think most rabbis have conveyed their misgivings correctly), but to say it's bad in every way for women to serve in the military is ludicrous:
A group of leading Orthodox rabbis met with the Israeli army’s chief of staff to complain.

According to Israel’s Arutz Sheva news website, the rabbis told Gadi Eisenkot on Tuesday that the growing ranks of female combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces are creating an immodest environment. They demanded changes to accommodate observant male soldiers.
So female sexuality is problematic, not the possibility that, if fighting in a battlefield, they could be more vulnerable to being taken hostage by terrorists and killed? This is not off to a good start.
Some religious and conservative Israelis have alleged that the changes are creating a dangerously sexualized atmosphere, with men and women training, eating, sleeping, showering and going to the bathroom in close quarters. Former high-ranking military figures are among the critics.

Last November, ex-military chief rabbi Brig. Gen. (res.) Yisrael Weiss warned that after a man and a woman served nine months together in a tank, “a little tank soldier would be born.” The same week, Col. (res.) Yonatan Branski, claimed that whenever members of a mixed-gender unit report for duty, “all the birth control sells out at the base canteen.”

Branski, an Orthodox researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, a new conservative security think tank, told JTA that sex is a distraction in many areas of the army where men and women serve together. However, he said, it is much a bigger problem in combat units because fighters serve together under unusually intimate conditions and cannot afford to be distracted.

“Did you ever hear of a mixed-gender professional basketball team?” he said. “The answer is no, and that’s because they want to win.”
This is enough to fall off the couch laughing. They act like the army doesn't have laws and regulations about how to manage sexual relations in any situation. Furthermore, if a male soldier commits an offense against a female soldier, whose fault is that? If the rabbis go by blame-the-victim routes, they're not helping. And for people who're allegedly opposed to homosexuality, what if beliefs in gender segregation wind up influencing what they supposedly find objectionable? On which note, let's take a look at the following:
Serving alongside women is even more problematic for religious soldiers, who must constantly ensure that they do not violate Jewish legal prohibitions on interactions with women, said Branski, who was the first commander of the army’s Haredi Orthodox battalion. Ultimately, he predicted, the army would have to choose what is more important to it: the combat service of women or religious men.
Again, I'm not sure what the point is of saying you're opposed to homosexuality if that's the kind of custom they must adhere to. And if they care more about sexuality than safety of the country, that's even more offensive.
A report by the IDF ombudsman published in May cited a number of problems integrating women into combat units, including a lack of showers that sometimes forced women to use the same facilities as men. But Eden Liberman, a 23-year-old commander of Israel’s first mixed-gender infantry brigade, called Caracal, said her soldiers, including the religious men and women, have moved past traditional gender roles and come to see each other as comrades in arms.

“When there is some sort of security threat, it doesn’t matter whether it is a man or a woman. They’ve all learned to trust each other and to respond accordingly,”
Liberman told JTA. “All kinds of stigmas are erased, and bonds are created between boys and girls that are different than those you see anywhere else.”
And there are various other businesses where men and women work together, so it's laughable to say mixed company is impossible outside the bathrooms. And if the rabbis believe in child-bearing for Israel's future, it's hilarious if they'd have a problem with babies born in tanks. They should just shut up and worry about public safety from terrorism.

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Bosnia names school after Muslim nazi collaborator

Bosnia proves it's still evil and adhering to Islamofascism in today's world (Hat tip: Pamela Geller):
Israel’s Foreign Ministry has protested the naming of a school in Bosnia for a Muslim Nazi collaborator who incited anti-Semitic hatred during the Holocaust before he was executed.

The Mustafa Busuladzic Elementary School in Sarajevo dismissed the criticism over its August name change, saying that Israel “has no right to give moral lessons to others” because of the building of Jewish settlements, according to an article that appeared last month in the Klix news site.

Busuladzic, a philosopher and educator, wrote in favor of “fighting the Jews” and their “spirit” in 1943, when thousands of Balkan Jews in what is now Bosnia and beyond were being hunted down and murdered by the pro-Nazi Ustase forces, which comprised Muslim Bosnians, Catholic Croats and ethnic Germans, of the Croatian puppet state.

Whereas “Jews and their deception and speculation disappeared from the marketplace” thanks to “people fighting against the Jews,” Busuladzic wrote in 1943, “in the bazaar remained Jewish spirit of speculation, imposing, charging price and usury to the extent that the corruption of certain traders, regardless of religion, eclipses that of the missing Jews.”

Citing these and other anti-Semitic writings by Busuladzic, who was executed shortly after the end of World War II by communists, the Israeli Embassy expressed its disapproval of the honor in a letter to the regional government.
Don't expect the Bosnian autocrats to stop what they're doing, and it's pretty obvious they aren't. So long as Islam dominates in Bosnia, they'll be as bad as any other country where it's prevalent.

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A leftist raises money for censoring the internet

According to Daniel Greenfield, that's what a certain propagandist is doing:
How can you tell that internet censorship is really taking off? Easy. It’s becoming a business model.

Steven Brill is raising $6 million to launch News Guard. This new service will rate news sites on their trustworthiness from green to red. Forget politically unbiased algorithms. The ratings will be conducted by "qualified, accountable human beings" from teams of “40 to 60 journalists.” Once upon a time, journalism meant original writing. Now it means deciding which original writing to censor.

"Can trust be monetized?" The Street’s article on News Guard asks. But it isn’t really trust that’s being monetized. It’s censorship. It’s doing the dirty work that Google and Facebook don’t want to do.

The Dems and their media allies have been pressuring Google and Facebook to do something about the “fake news” that they blame for Trump’s win. The big sites outsourced the censorship to media fact checkers. The message was, “Don’t blame us, now you’re in charge.”

Facebook made a deal with ABC News and the AP, along with Politifact, FactCheck and Snopes, to outsource the censoring for $100K. When two of these left-wing groups declare that an article is fake, Facebook marks it up and viewership drops by 80%.

Facebook is reportedly considering adding the Weekly Standard to its panel of fact checkers. Even if that were to happen, it would be the difference between putting the New York Times without David Brooks or the Times with David Brooks in charge of deciding what you can read on Facebook. Adding a token conservative who is acceptable to the left doesn’t change the inherent bias of the system.
If memory serves, the Weekly Standard was part of the Never Trump crowd, so I wouldn't put too much confidence in them to rate as 100 percent trustworthy for conservatives. Now that I think of it, they can be just as crummy as Snopes and Fact Check.
News Guard is an ominous warning that online censorship is becoming a viable business model as the big tech companies look around for someone else to do their dirty work for them. But subcontracted censorship is still censorship. [...]
And that's why you should guard against News Guard. They sound like a pretty bad bunch alright.

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