Wednesday, August 23, 2017 

The mendacity of "rabbi" Avi Shafran

This may be from a few months ago, but I think it's worth bringing up, because from what I've found out about the Haredi rabbinical figure in question, some more observation is needed. The writer Shoshana Keats Jaskoll, a resident of Beit Shemesh, which has had serious problems with Haredi extremists for many years now, brought up the subject of Avi Shafran, a director for the ultra-Orthodox Agudath Israel of America, who's acted as apologist for lifestyle, making himself little better than CNN's pro-Islam reporter Reza Aslan, who produced a hypocritical report about Haredi communities, all so he could feel good about himself. And while Islamofascism is certainly worse, that doesn't mean there aren't or haven't been valid issues to raise about how the Haredi clans have been conducting business. Some interesting points are raised by Jaskoll, as well as Noonlight and Moonshine, and Rationalist Judaism in rebuttal to Shafran's lies, and I'd like to address at least one more detail his cruddy piece in The Forward features, which is troubling:
As to the ugly incidents, Ms. Jaskoll relates that a “young girl was caught in the middle of an anti-draft protest” in Jerusalem and was kicked, first by a child and then, when she grabbed the boy, by demonstrators. The “young girl,” readily available video shows, was an adult woman; and her presence in the middle of a large protest is unexplained and suspicious. Do those facts justify her treatment? Of course not. But also unjustified is mischaracterizing her age and presence.
First off, as awkward as it may sound, there are people today who could call a young woman a "young girl" as well. Certainly it's long been thought fitting to call young women "girls", but sometimes some people can add "young" to the mix just as much. This just shows how out of touch Shafran is with modern slang in wider society that's better informed than he is.

Second off, despite seemingly admitting that it was reprehensible for the demonstrators to assault the lady, he still tries to suggest she was some kind of government agent or plant, deliberately intended to provoke them to act violently. And I'm not sure she grabbed the boy per se either, because she dropped a phone while she was at it, and wanted to pick it up. Exactly why is it such a big deal whether the girl's an "agent"? There's always been people who could pass through a Haredi neighborhood for some casual reason or other, whether looking for a place to shop or heading to some business venue, and they're well aware of the possibility there's scumbags milling around the place, which doesn't mean they should be afraid to go there, or face violence.

Third off, it may not be justified to mischaracterize her age, but it's also unjustified to minimize the issues with suggestions this or that person is a deliberate provocateur, intended to stir Haredis into a frenzy.

I also discovered that Shafran may have lied about how the Haredi circles he represents deal with issues like sexual/child abuse, and it looks like he was doing this for quite a while. I can't remember clearly if he addressed the horrific incident at the Bnot Orot on Cross Currents, a Haredi site he's contributed to, but if he did, his response was very half-hearted and didn't address whether he believes Haredi education in itself has become a fiasco.

Shafran also missed a big chance to criticize Azlan for his pro-Islamist stance, and point out the hypocrisy of somebody panning Haredis for their MO when he's embracing a belief system that's even worse. But, Shafran threw away the chance, probably because to do so in his mind would be to admit he's embraced said hypocrisy himself.

After I realized just how mendacious Shafran is, I was more than a bit disgusted. Especially with how he seems to think censorship as practiced by Haredis is somehow acceptable. In the past months, I noticed that he may have even muted/blocked Jaskoll on Twitter. It doesn't surprise me that a man so otherwise dishonest would do that, though it does make clear he's not a source to rely upon. And, I'd even suggest he has more in common with leftists/socialists. Certainly if he's fine with welfare mooching, which contradicts the Torah lessons on the vitality of working to earn a living.

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More than 6000 acts of child rape committed by Muslim gang in Sandwell, UK

Breitbart reveals that in the British neighborhood of Sandwell, there were more than 6000 victims reported:
From 2012 to 2016, a total of 6,226 child abuse allegations were referred to social services in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell – an average of three a day.

Regional newspaper the Express & Star reports that senior council figures said the number of children being “abused and neglected” was rising in Sandwell, a borough previously described as a “hot spot” for Muslim child grooming gangs.
In just 4 years alone, these terrible acts happened, and all the while, the UK government and authorities refused to do anything about it. Absolutely despicable.

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Monday, August 21, 2017 

Terrorist shot dead in Spain

One of the terrorists who plotted the van ramming attack in Barcelona was located by Spanish police and sent to hell where he belongs:
Spanish police on Monday shot dead Younes Abouyaaqoub, the suspected driver of a van that mowed down pedestrians in Barcelona, in a dramatic end to a massive manhunt for the Moroccan national who was wearing a fake suicide belt when he was killed.

"We confirm the death of Younes Abouyaaqoub shot in Subirats," police in Catalonia tweeted.

The Moroccan was the last remaining member of a 12-man cell suspected of plotting last week's deadly vehicle rampages in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils that were claimed by the Islamic State organisation (IS) -- its first in Spain.

Four men have been detained, while the others have been killed, either by police or in an explosion believed to have been accidentally detonated by the suspects themselves in their bomb factory in the seaside town of Alcanar.

Among those killed in the explosion was a Moroccan imam at the heart of the cell, Abdelbaki Es Satty, Catalan police chief Josep Lluis Trapero confirmed Monday.
Unfortunately, if they continue to allow Islamists into Europe, there'll still be many more to come. So they're going to have to start doing some serious thinking about their futures.

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Clearly, this court rabbi has no respect for biblical Deborah

One of the heads of the rabbinical court is the kind of callous male supremacist who won't accept a woman to take management positions in the staff:
The ultra-Orthodox sector is protesting against last week's High Court of Justice decision to allow woman to head the Rabbinical Courts administration.

In a heated debate, attorney Batya Kahana-Dror—who petitioned the high court and is currently vying for the position of Rabbinical Courts director—and Rabbi Dov Halbertal, former Head of the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Israel, deliberate whether a woman should be allowed the fill the position.

"I meet the criteria," Kahana-Dror said. "In a situation in which 50 percent of the litigants are women, a special effort should be made to find a woman who will meet the criteria that the High Court of Justice designed in this ruling."

On the opposing side, Halbertal argued that "the court acted in an immoral manner that is not judicial. The dayanim (rabbinical court judges) are in on the level of a Supreme Court or a District Court, and the High Court Justices come and give them instructions."

Halbertal was then asked about the reasons for his opinion, to which he offered a resolute stance, much to the displeasure of Kahana-Dror: This is not a job for a woman.
Translation: the biblical Deborah was wrong to work as a judge in any capacity, and he's the kind of Haredi dumbbell who never honored Judaism to start with. Who wants to go by a warped, distorted reflection of the same. What's particularly irritating about gender bigots like these is that they obviously have no complaints over whether the judges in the high court could be biased and unfair to pro-Israel advocates. And that only compounds the selfish image they've long taken up.
Why do you think a woman cannot be appointed to a managerial position?

"There are two issues here," Halbertal continued. "First, when the Rabbinical Courts administration, which is autonomous, determines that it does not want a woman, the court cannot intervene.
And does that mean the rabbinical court's not in any way under state jurisdiction? I guess that's what this badly educated, extraordinarily selfish excuse for a man is saying.
"Second, there is a matter of modesty. These are Rabbis, Torah scholars, dayanim, who have to come into contact with the director of the Rabbinical Courts, and therefore it is not appropriate for the director to be a woman."
Another one of these "afraid of sex" positions, I see. Since when did interactions between the genders entail sexual relations in every way? It's hilarious how men like him turn what's not meant to be a synagogue per se into one that is, or into a Catholic diocese, which I figure is just what Haredism borrowed from, even as they may claim to resent Christianity. It's as peculiar as you think it is they'd draw from a religion they supposedly despise.
But Kahana-Dror rejected Halbertal's claims, insisting that they were predicated on little more that demagogic arguments.

"For over 15 years I have appeared at least three times a week with dayanim," she said. "The court burn the candle at both ends. On the one hand, it is an institution of the state with a monopoly on all marriages and divorces, and on the other hand, it will not accept democratic and liberal values of equality and preference for women."
Which is exactly the problem with Haredi mentality. Its gurus have led to an influence that's ruined the minds of many men and women alike.

The Jerusalem Post notes that the male judges are surely going to keep trying to prevent a woman from being elected to the judicial bench:
But don’t hold your breath, as there is still no guarantee that the Rabbinical Courts will select a woman for the top administrative position. The court’s ruling governs a woman’s right to be considered for candidacy, not right to be chosen by the all-male rabbis.

Affirmative action is as likely a policy as is egalitarian worship to the rabbinate’s outdated mind set. Some women’s activists are reasonably concerned that the Rabbinical Courts will either find a clever way to block women candidacies or simply not select them on principle.

In terms of reality testing, it should be noted that the decision allows women to administrate the Rabbinical Courts, but it does not permit them to become Rabbinical Court judges, no matter how highly qualified. The chief administrator manages human resources, budgeting and operations issues, but does not decide on issues of Jewish law.
Well that's got to change, and I'm sure there's way to make it clear to the rabbinical court's male supremacists that they'll have to agree to accept a modern day Deborah whether they like it or not. In fact, they'll have to agree to accept a non-Haredi member, if they're not doing that at the moment.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017 

Jerry Lewis, RIP

It's sad to report that famous comedian Jerry Lewis is now dead at 91 years old. When he was young, he had some of the best slapstick comedy films to offer. I most recently watched a documentary about his past portfolio, which was fascinating. Now, he's gone. He'll be very missed.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017 

Terrorists should be exiled back to their countries of origin

Europeans are considering something that should've been done a long time ago:
Brisset, in turn, said that the suggestion of French right-wing politician Marine Le Pen to send all the individuals posing a serious threat to national security to their states of origin was an option to prevent terrorism but it certainly had major drawbacks.
But he also said:
"It is an option, more and more European states consider it, and notably there are more and more Europeans who are thinking about it. On one hand, we will probably avoid certain attacks with this measure, but on the other hand we will provoke even bigger exasperation of the people behind such attacks. I do not know whether a solution as brutal and simplistic can function," the expert explained.
Oh for heaven's sake. Let us be perfectly clear. If they chicken out and don't expel anybody potentially dangerous, then they're not solving anything at all. Period. They have to act, and be convincing about it. Geert Wilders has spoken about the need to de-islamize society, and he's right; that's what needs to be done. So they're going to have to start acting convincing if they don't want civil wars to break out, because sooner or later, that's what'll happen if they refuse to do anything to protect the public.

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Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman are self-hating Jews

So much, in fact, that they took out their frustrations upon Jews who support Trump, in a message laced with anti-semitism:
Authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman have penned an open letter to fellow Jews, warning them that if they do not oppose President Donald Trump, they will be labeled as Nazi collaborators and traitors to their people.

Chabon and Waldman, who were earnest supporters of President Barack Obama, and said nothing when he abandoned Israel and elevated the antisemitic Iranian regime, published their letter on Medium on Thursday.

Using classic antisemitic tropes, they address Jews who may support Trump because of “private business deals” or other personal interests — “You entered into negotiations, cut deals, made contracts with him and his government” — and urge them to turn against him.

Addressing casino magnate Sheldon Adelson directly, they turn up the antisemitic rhetoric, accusing him of calculating “that money trumps hate, or that a million dollars’ worth of access can protect you from one boot heel at the door.”

Chabon and Waldman also resort to blatant lies: “You have counted carefully as each appointment to his administration of an avowed white supremacist, anti-Semite, neo-Nazi or crypto-fascist appeared to be counterbalanced by the appointment of a fellow Jew,” they say, providing no proof whatsoever that Trump has appointed anyone that matches any of those descriptions.
Well, I should've known these two troublemakers are as bad as they come. Using such repellent language practically makes it clear they're not fit to comment on the issues. I strongly advise not to buy their books.

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Friday, August 18, 2017 

A jihad stabbing took place in Finland

Yet another terrorist attack in Europe, and this time all the way up in Finland:
Police have shot a suspect after several people were stabbed in Turku, Finland on Friday.

One person has been killed, reports Helsinki newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, after police used a firearm to stop a knifeman during an attack in the city of Turku, in the southwest of Finland. A manhunt is underway as police search for what they described as “more perpetrators” in the city, suggesting there may have been a brawl or even mass attack.

Unverified images uploaded to the media sharing platform Snapchat claiming to have been taken at the scene show scenes of mayhem in the Finnish city, with blood running between the cobbles on the streets and a body covered in a sheet. Eyewitness accounts suggest there were shouts of “Allah Akbar” at the scene, but this has not been confirmed.
And I suppose their press is going to go out of their way to cover things up too? This is truly disgusting, and now, it's clear even Finland's got problems with Islamofascism dirtying up the country too.

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Former chief rabbi Bakshi-Doron fined for corruption

The former chief rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron's the latest prominent Haredi rabbinical figure to face a conviction for corruption:
The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday sentenced former Chief Sephardi Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron to 12 months' probation in wake of his recent corruption conviction. The State Attorney's Office and Bakshi-Doron's attorneys had agreed on the sentence as part of a plea bargain. The rabbi was also ordered to pay a 250,000 shekel ($69,000) fine.

Judge Zvi Segal noted in his ruling that "in light of the bargain, the defendant's medical condition, his advanced age and the assumption that he poses no danger to the public and will not commit additional offenses, I did not see fit to impose mandatory jail time."

In May, Bakshi-Doron was convicted of charges including fraudulently receiving benefits, issuing fake rabbinical ordination certificates, and breach of trust.
Well if jail time would do some good, then he should at least be under house arrest. Another example of a Haredi rabbi committing a bad deed for the sake of money, and who knows what he was actually going to do with it. Guess that's what socialism can lead to.

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MSM would rather bash Republicans than Islamic jihadists

The Boston Herald's Howie Carr points to how press is more interested in framing Republicans than in identifying Muslim murderers:
Last Sunday ABC News had absolutely no question about how to identify the van driver in Charlottesville:


I guess none of the terrorists in Barcelona yesterday were REGISTERED REPUBLICANS, but then, judging by the headlines last night, it’s somewhat unclear if a human being was even involved in this latest slaughter.

Washington Post: “Van Rams into Barcelona Crowd.”

MarketWatch: “Barcelona Truck Attack reportedly leaves at least 12 dead.”

So was it a truck or a van that committed this atrocity? The New York Times at least said, “Van Driver Kills 13.”

These Muslim terror attacks are like the old movie “Groundhog Day.” It’s always the same, so predictable, the way the media bends over backwards not to tell the truth about the nature of the savage foe.

As John Kerry once said, “The worst thing we can do is engage in trying to point fingers at one group.”

Unless of course he’s a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN.

Oddly, last year when Omar Mateen murdered 50 gays at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando while chanting “Allahu akbar!” ABC did not describe him as a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, which he was, or as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, which he also was.
And why do I get the feeling the claims of a Charlottesville thug being a "Republican" are lies? It's just like the MSM to do such a disgusting thing, all while obscuring the more serious issues at hand. Truly atrocious.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017 

13 dead in van attack in Barcelona

There may have been a car attack by a jihadist in Spain a few months earlier, but now it's happened again, and in an area where there's a kosher restaurant (Hat tip: Hot Air):
A terrorist-driven van plowed through a crowded pedestrian plaza in the heart of Barcelona on Thursday afternoon, killing at least 13 people dead and injuring dozens, the latest in a series of low-tech attacks in European cities.

Catalan authorities said they had arrested one man for the attack in Las Ramblas during the height of the tourist season. They said they expected the number of deaths to rise.

"My most serious condemnation to the terrorist attack in Barcelona," Catalan's Interior Minister Joaquim Forn tweeted just before night fell on the city. "We can confirm 13 deaths and more than 50 wounded."
Will this convince Spain in turn that their own willingness to allow Muslim migrants into the country along with those they already got? They're going to have to start doing some serious thinking, and also expel many from their country. As Geert Wilders has said, the west has to de-Islamize their societies.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 

Young girl dies from car crashing into pizza restaurant in France

The authorities, unsurprisingly, are withholding exact details here, but it doesn't take much to guess who could've caused this truly awful attack in Sept-Sorts that left an infant injured as well:
Police say they have arrested one man in connection with the incident but have so far not identified the individual or made any claims as to the motivation of the suspect. A young eight-year-old girl has been confirmed dead at the scene and a further five people are in critical condition French broadcaster BFMTV reports.

Several unconfirmed pictures have been published on Twitter which appears to show a car that matches the description of the BMW involved in the incident.
Ah, another somebody who's loaded enough to buy an expensive vehicle, I see. And that's telling something.
According to French broadcaster RTL police are saying the man wanted to commit suicide, had weapons in his vehicle and is 31-years-old. Authorities are saying the motive for the act is not terrorism according to early investigations. Five of those injured in the attack remain in critical condition.
I think the authorities owe an apology for claiming a car attack isn't terrorism. After all, that's what happened at the clash between two equally loathsome movements in Charlottesville a few days ago - white supremacists on the one hand and Antifa activists on the other - when one crackpot rammed people with a Dodge Challenger, which, as a sport model, is pretty expensive too.

And whether the culprit wanted to commit suicide, he didn't have to attack other people to do so. That's why it's clear there's more than meets the eye to this terrible case that's left a poor girl murdered.

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A Haredi black marketeer does illegal work with infants and the army

Here's a disturbing story about a Haredi crook who's worked in both illegal activity involving infant trafficking and military exemptions:
Haim Aharon Yosefi, a leading ultra-Orthodox businessman and a member of the Lithuanian faction Degel HaTorah, was caught by a Yedioth Ahronoth journalist on Sunday. This after already being exposed Sunday in an investigation into his trafficking in newborn babies.

This is not the first time Yosefi was detained over suspicions that he provided psychiatric exemptions from IDF service: six months ago, he was arrested and interrogated on suspicion of helping to exempt young Haredi men from military service for a fee.
Wow, what a disgrace. A black marketeer who makes it his life's mission to undermine the country with his illegal business ventures. And that he's a member of the UTJ party speaks volumes about what kind of people's support they rely on. He should by all means be jailed for what he's been up to.

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